Board Member Positions

Submit your nominations NOW for the following available 2017 executive committee positions:


Vice President


Member at Large

Student Representative


In order to nominate someone for a board position you must first discuss the requirements and duties of that position (see below) with the person and they must agree to fulfill all obligations. You can also choose to nominate yourself if you are willing to fulfill all obligations. To submit your nomination you will need to send the name of the person you are nominating, the position for which you are nominating them for, and an email address for the nominee so that we can contact them. Each nominee will be asked to submit a paragraph (150 words or less) describing themselves. This paragraph will be placed on a ballot and submitted to all members for a vote 30 days prior to the conference. Newly elected board members are then announced at the business meeting held at the annual conference in February. The deadline for nominations for the 2017 year is January 1, 2017. Please send all nominations to Kristi Toward:


406 Provincial Street

Raleigh, NC 27603

Phone: (724) 986-3961


Position Descriptions

All executive board members are asked to attend board meetings (typically 5 per year including one at the conference). They are also all part of the conference planning committee in addition to the duties listed below. At least two nominees for each position below are sought and all nominees must be full members (other than the student who must be a student member) in good standing with NCABA and must consent to be placed on the ballot.


Vice President This position is listed on the ballot each year. The person who obtains this position will have a four year term in which they serve a one year term in each of the following positions in the order listed: Vice President, President Elect, President, and Past President. This progression allows a person to become familiar with the inner workings of the organization before assuming the role of president and then to serve as a source of information for the board during the last year of their term. The typical duties of each of the four positions are described below.


Vice-President: Typically the chairperson of the Poster Session at the annual NCABA conference.


President Elect: Typically the chairperson of the Silent Auction Event at the annual conference. They are also responsible for counting nomination and election ballots as well as the ballots in any referenda submitted to the Voting Membership.


President: Responsible for determining the conference location and negotiating the contract with the hotel. Typically serves as the chairperson for the Social event at the annual conference as well. The president will open the annual conference (typically with a presidential address), preside at all NCABA Executive Council meetings and the annual Business Meeting, certify election results, oversee the election of the Student Representative and exercise general supervision over the affairs of NCABA. The president is also responsible, along with the Secretary/Treasurer, for all funds of NCABA and has authority to disburse these funds for purposes authorized by the executive council.


Past President: Responsible for aiding the current president in their duties and serving as a source of information for the executive board. May also be asked to serve as the chairperson for mid-year workshops.



Treasurer – This position is listed on the ballot every two years (on odd numbered election years). The Treasurer serves a two year term taking office at the end of the Annual Business Meeting of the year of his or her election. Their official term is over after two years at the end of the Annual Business Meeting. However, they are asked to continue to serve up to the first board meeting after their term has ended. During this time they are asked to finalize all conference finances and aid in switching financial materials over to the current Treasurer. The Treasurer and President shall have the responsibility for all funds of NCABA and shall have authority to disburse these funds for purposes authorized by the NCABA Executive Council. The Treasurer shall keep a record of all money received and all disbursements made and submit an annual report of the financial status of NCABA to the membership at the annual Business Meeting.


Member-at-Large – This position is listed on the ballot each year. The person who obtains this position will serve a two year term. Thus, the voting membership of the executive council will include two Members-at-Large, serving overlapping terms of office. The Member-at-Large (elected on even-numbered years) is the chairperson of NCABA’s Committee on Public & Professional Relations as well as any Book Fair events held at the conference. The other Member-at-Large (elected on odd-numbered years) is the chair person of NCABA’s Nominations & Awards Committee.


Student Representative – This position is listed on the ballot each year. The ballot for student representatives is separate from the other executive board positions and is given only to students. The person elected serves a one year term. The student representative votes on issues before Council as a Representative of Student concerns, organizes the Student Symposium (held each year at the Annual Conference), presides over the election of the succeeding Student Representative, and promotes recruitment of student members.